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  • BITS - Reasons to choose BITS


    The battle of choosing an engineering college can be daunting leaving you dissatisfied, disgruntled and disoriented but how about if there is one campus that assures security, success and a high social status? BITs not really at par with the IITs is all that you dreamed of and much more. It’s one of the top notch institutes in the country with their campus located in Hyderabad, Pilani and Goa. Having endorsed by National Assessment and Accreditation Council, (NAAC), the institute has carved a niche and set a benchmark in terms of high quality education since its inception in 1964 at Pilani.

    BITs is renowned for offering various undergraduate and post-graduate programs in the streams of engineering, pharmacy and technology. The dual degree programs too are the major highlight and have seen many takers until today. The admission to the elite institute is precisely through BITSAT 2016 exam which is online. Cracking BITSAT 2016 will let you gain entry into one of the prestigious campuses situated in Pilani, Hyderabad & Goa. Having said that, the BITSian tag is the golden ticket for your successful future endeavors.

     Yet what’s so appealing about BITs that prompts many students to secure admission here.

    1. Merit based and Direct admission for Toppers

    The institute follows international standards of pedagogy and walk in the footsteps of MIT (Massachusetts Institute of Technology).And besides that, it’s the only crème de la crème institute that offers merit based admissions. The toppers can take a breather for the institute has a policy of admitting them through direct admission. The comprehensive and high-end learning enables the students to grab jobs with mind-boggling pay packages each year.

    2. Pursue dual degrees in just five years.

    BITs, in the recent years has made education flexible by conflating various programs for the students willing to take up science and engineering programs simultaneously, one case being CS with Maths, EEE/ENI/Mechanical, Physics with Economics. A five yeareducation scheme will grant you a BE along with an M.Sc. One can choose from a gamut of 150 elective courses.

    3. Scholarship for deserving students

    Students with a lower family income can avail a need based merit scholarship at BITs. This brilliant initiative has made the accessibility of education hassle free and less bothersome for some students. Almost 25% from every batch avail this marvelous scholarship each year. Besides, top 10 students from every batch can expect a full fee waiver regardlessoffamily income.

    4. Tie-ups with International Universities

    The recent tie-up with University of Southern California and Harvard University for exchange programs is a remarkable step, letting the students have an international exposure. The institute also aims to have a long term association with University of California, Berkeley and University of San Diego.

    5. No Conventional Attendance

    Unlike other institutes adamant at 75% attendance, BITs insists on “no compulsory attendance” which means that students with short attendance won’t be barred from taking the semester exams. From making your own time table to choosing the teachers according to the desired stream to the time a student wishes to study, BITs gives each student the liberty and freedom to study without any rules and regulations. 

    Important Dates for BITSAT 2016

    BITSAT 2016 is a National Level Engineering Entrance Exam. It is an online (Computer Based) Test. All the aspirants can choose BITSAT 2016 exam date between May 14 to May 28, 2015. All the eligible candidates can apply for BITSAT 2016 as the dates given below.

    Exam Events



    Opening Date For Online Applications

    January 8, 2016


    Closing Date For Online Applications

    March 5, 2016


    Editing in the Application (open)

    March 6, 2016


    Editing in the Application (close)

    March 7, 2016


    Opening Date For Reserving Test Dates

    March 21, 2016


    Closing Date For Reserving Test Dates

    April 10, 2016


    Opening Date For Downloading Hall Tickets

    April 20 2016


    Closing Date For Downloading Hall Tickets

    April 30, 2016


    Opening Date For BITSAT 2016 Exam

    May 14, 2016


    Closing Date For BITSAT 2016 Exam

    May 28, 2016


    Opening Date For Admission Preference to Degree Programme

    May 20, 2016


    Closing Date For Admission Preference to Degree Programme

    June 30, 2016


    Admit List and Wait List Announcement

    July 1, 2016


    BITSAT 2016 Iteration Schedule or Counselling Schedule:

    Admission Events


    Last Date to Receive Completed Application forms at the Admissions Office

    End of June 2016

    Admission Assignment for 1st Iteration

    Announcement of Admission and Waitlist Offers After 1st Iteration

    2016 July, 1st week

    Last Date for Payment of Advance Fees

    2016 July, 2nd week

    Admission Assignment for 2nd iteration

    Announcement of Admission Assignment After 2nd Iteration

    2016 July, 2nd week

    Last Date for Payment of Rest fees by candidates selected for Admission from the waiting List in 2ndIteration

    2016 July, 3rd week

    Admission Assignment for 3rd Iteration

    Announcement of Admission Assignment After 3rd Iteration

    2016 July, 3rd week

    Reporting at Allotted Campuses by the Selected Candidates for Admission

    Last week of July, 2016

    Admission Assignment for 4th Iteration

    Announcement of Admission Assignment After 4th Iteration

    Last week of July, 2016

    Reporting at Allotted Campuses by the Candidates Selected in 4th  Iteration

    August, 2nd week